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I wanted to start drawing again and I thought I’d participate in this weeks art assignment. I’ve watching the art assignment videos and responses for a bit now and think it’s a really great project, so I really wanted to do this.

I chose to make a gif about my bookshelf (one of them, but this one has the most important books). 

The first row are mainly YA fiction books, some of them I have read a dozen times, a few of them I haven’t even read yet. They are extremely valuable to me as they connect me to certain parts of my life and have probably taught me more than most of my school classes. 

The second row are my books on film, art and the two diarys I’ve had so far. The books on making film have taught me many many things about the industry I want to go into, and have helped me a lot in our film club at school. There’s also a clapperboard I got from my parents a couple years ago, though I’ve never used it :) 

Third row is mainly just old magazines, one of them got for almost seven years or so. 

These are the books that are most valuable to me, either because they have a lot of memories attached to them, or because they taught me the knowledge that I hope will help me in my future.

( I thought I’d ad in a picture of the complete bookshelf at the end, in better quality so you can see all the books)

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